The Old and the New

How could you? I loved you. No more, but once.

Behind every great man is a great woman. Well I was there to make you great, support you, and now this. Our final show, before she takes my place on stage alongside you. The younger, perkier, skinnier me.


How well I’ve handled it, you purr. To accept our marriage is over, that’s she’s now your one and only. To go along with your lie to the press – I’m happily retiring to pursue my other interests and am sure your new assistant will do a wonderful job. To maintain the loving façade that keeps your image intact while you flaunt her in front of me.


It’s a fitting handover trick: the Zig Zag Girl. Cutting the girl in three like you cut through my heart. In anticipation of your new tour with your new assistant, you’ve bought a wider, flashier box. I wasn’t meant to know but walked in on you two practising. Sierra doesn’t like the old box, you explain. It’s too cramped. You and I haven’t used it in years, but in my peak I could fit in it just fine. Maybe she’s not that skinny after all.

Of course she should do the trick with you! It’s a great symbol of the changing of the guard, the passing of the mantle, as I assist while she performs. She can certainly perform, judging by the theatrics I heard from your adjacent hotel room.

I digress.

The bright lights, the eager crowd, still such a buzz. I can’t believe you’re taking this away from me.

One last trick…

For old time’s sake, I convince you to use the faded, narrow box I loved so much. You silence Sierra’s complaints to grant me this one last request. You can tell how much that box means to me. It was our first trick together all those years ago.

I hand you the blades as the crowd hushes expectantly. Our hands touch as you take them from me, you give me a small smile and whisper,
“Thank you”
and I know you mean it. I’ve taken this all so well. I turn away and smile as you slide the first blade swiftly into the box. You’re so used to them, after weeks practising with her, that it doesn’t seem odd to use the new blades, just that little bit longer than the old box allows. And she’s not that skinny.


12 thoughts on “The Old and the New

    • Serious… I’d rarely use that description for my work – here, of course, there’s a playful, dark humour in revenge, right?
      I’m not too au fait with much of King’s work – has he done something similar?
      Cheers for stopping by again Summit, always good to chat!


      • I have no idea, King has written too much for me to read and most of it is like a horse tranquilizer. I doubt it, though.

        I personally think revenge is pointless, like drinking poison to spite someone, however, I think that we have to try and make light of the darker side of human nature because we can’t truly accept it. How could anyone accept the idea of killing anyone for any reason. There’s always good in there somewhere… I once wrote a short story about a lighter side of hitler—

        Boy that escalated quickly.


        • At least there remains a chance I’m being original then. Haven’t yet googled ‘zig zag girl murder’ to double check that though…

          I’m not keen on revenge either, but the dark side of us does make for some fascinating concepts, and given the enjoyment I get writing about them, that’s a silver lining, right?

          Ha ha that really got out of hand 😉 Is this Hitler story something you fancy sharing?

          Liked by 1 person

          • Sure, I’ll put it up sometime soon. At the time I wrote it I wondered if it was too controversial for the writers digest contest it was written for, but as you know, I tend to out put a lot of content quickly. My wife says I should slow down, but I can’t seem to help myself. When something comes to you, you have to catch it.

            I think it was my favorite poet, sweet mama Maya Angelou who said once, and I’m paraphrasing, that her poems came to her on the wind. She would be outside working in the yard and one would come passing through and she would find her self scurrying to the house to find pen and paper to try and catch it, in hopes of getting it all down before it passed.

            It’s like that, but thankfully the iPhone let’s me catch it quicker.

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            • You could publish those second two paragraphs as a ‘thoughts on writing’ post and likely get plenty of love for it…

              I agree though that pieces do seem to fly past. I often, especially at the moment when I’m writing flash fiction, end up surprised by how a piece has ended just because it’s written itself before I’ve even thought about what I want to write. This just started about a magician’s ambitious assistant and quickly spiralled into an affair and bloodshed…

              Looking forward to Hitler! (The second thing I’ve said to you today, after ‘you are so creepy’ meant as a compliment, that I never expected to say)

              Liked by 1 person

  1. Steph says:

    i didnt know whether to cry or smile at this piece. but, i think you found pleasure in vicarious torture, so we will humor your need for inner wickedness. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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