Panic Over Sushi

Should I? She’s smiling. Is that just because of the food? She did go on and on about how much she loves sushi. It’s fun I guess, but I’m not convinced it’s going to fill me up.

It’s not particularly romantic here. Is that a good thing? I wouldn’t be copying anyone else but maybe it’d look out of place. Just do it! Tonight’s been far less awkward than the first time, with that weird hug at the end.

Easy does it… slowly inch forward – no, that’s creepy. Just make it obvious, assertive. Here we go!

Why isn’t she…

She’s still smiling, straight at me. Has she seen? I glance down at it, then back to her, but her eyes don’t seem to have moved. Just turn it a bit – now it looks like I’m asking for money or have a twitch or something. Her eyes flickered then – she’s definitely seen it. Oh my god take it! I can’t retreat. Why won’t she…? Is it clean? It looks clean. Are hers? They seem to be – has she eaten with her hands? I haven’t, just chopsticks, which must be the worst invention ever.

What do I do? How long can I leave it there? It looks like some grotesque, fleshy spider, lying dead on its back. OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic OH MY GOD TAKE MY HAND! It doesn’t even mean anything, it’s just date courtesy, seriously!

“I uh…”

She looks expectant, embarrassed. Well it’s your bloody fault! My drink. Maybe I was just reaching for my drink. Still got half a pint. Man I need that. I’ll just have a drink and get over it. She half smiles, half winces. I finish my drink. I can’t live this down. Maybe I’ll let her split the bill. On to the next match then…


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