Experiment Two: The Machine

[Poetic Experimentation returns! Once again, I’d love to know what you think my motivations and ideas behind this were, so please comment with your thoughts!]

And chains
The Greater Good
Gears clunk, heavy
Grind through stoic routine
Not apparent for those too close
That those whirring blades
Will draw them in
And chain
them in.

And what will slicken these Gears
Down all the Apparatus
Around the Apparatus
The Gears and Levers
Glisten with sweat
Of the workers
The bodies
Blood runs
For each night
The Machine growls
As the Grinding grows
And the Grinding soothes
And you’ve got to make it stop

You can’t
So odious
your bodies
Will prevent
You’ve got to
Your freedom
The operation
The apparatus
become so sick
So sick at heart
And your bodies
make you so sick
That you can’t run
Unless you’re free
The people who run it
The people who own it
The people who own you
To even passively take part
will be prevented from working at all.

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