I Have Written A 100 Word Story About A Paradox

[Neither the title nor this gratuitous note count towards the hundred words]

There is sickness in the kingdom; no longer are we a honourable race. The men have grown aggressive, stupid, greedy. The women are vain, lazy and weak. The solution? Remove the men, reform the women. Alex issues the following ultimatum:

“I will kill every man in this kingdom who does not commit suicide before dawn tomorrow – the choice is yours.”

Alex stays up all night, as blood runs through the streets. Reports from the female servants sent out suggest all the men are doing the honourable thing – a welcome change.

Dawn approaches. One choice remains unmade. What must Alex do?


9 thoughts on “I Have Written A 100 Word Story About A Paradox

    • Thank you very much! It was satisfying to work from the ending – the whole premise of the piece – backwards and build up the story around it that led Alex to that scene. I do have a good answer in mind though…


      • You know, I’ve tried that before, working from the end backwards. I’ve always found it to be a real challenge, yet fun and interesting as well. I studied with a woman who always knows the first and last line of every story she ever writes! I can’t do that, but for her it works. Well, I’m glad you shared this piece — it’s great!

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        • Thanks again 🙂 wow, that’s such a interesting method of writing! Maybe I’ll try that with a few pieces, though just knowing the conclusion of this one was tough enough – usually I write and the endings surprise me!


          • I can’t work that way (with a first AND last line), Jake. I mean, I need a first line to get my story going, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually written toward a last line. I like your method with this piece, though — maybe I’ll have to give it a try!

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  1. This is great! I’m stunned that your men accepted their fate so willingly. Perhaps they weren’t so bad after all.
    As for the fate of Alex – surely somebody needs to be retained to fertilise the crop…

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    • Thanks Jane! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

      Yeah, their obedience was surprising – perhaps despite their lapse into ‘sickness’, that old honour still remains… (or perhaps for once, my characters did what they were told and didn’t surprise me halfway through the story!)

      I wonder if Alex would lose that same honour by staying alive, or if they can avoid the paradox altogether! (I have a twist in mind that allows this, but I’ll see if someone else doesn’t pick up on it!)

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      • Sex change?
        Or he could realise his terrible mistake because women aren’t perfect after all – he is the only truly good person alive – and advise that all the women do themselves in.
        Or all the women die of grief, except for luscious Loretta who in love with him,
        Or… Nah, that’s all I’ve got.


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