[Spoilers!!] What Alex Did [!!srelioqS]

[I just wanted the title to be more symmetrical…]

[This answers the question posed at the end of a previous piece here]

[If you want to have a go at figuring it out, read that piece before continuing]

[Right you’ve had enough warning]

Reform. But where to start? The answer was obvious: within. Alex wasn’t perfect, like any, but resolved to emerge from this cathartic night as a butterfly from a chrysalis, changed beyond the former self.

Alex tore around the palace, gathering fine clothes, jewellery of gold and silver, exquisite artefacts collected by generations of kings before… a long tradition accumulating greed.

Went to the markets early to sell it all and spread the coins amongst the beggars in the street and the loyal servants in the palace.

Lived simply, ruled fairly, and became known as the great and generous Queen Alexandra.


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