Cold Keys

Lying still, listening forlornly
to distant echoes of footsteps and laughter
Darkness surrounds.
Once, so popular, now,
so alone
The change sudden, unexpected
Preceded by that too-long earthquake

Dusty keys waste away,
metaphorically, for wear is minimal
The mind stays sharp, but sad, unused
Not whirred into life for far too long

What made you leave?
This ‘trip’ you spoke of
brought fear, but then
I came with you
Joy, and now
Fear returns again
I lie alone, unused, in darkness
Listening forlornly to a life without me.

[Wrote this as I’m on holiday this week and won’t be posting much, hopefully with that knowledge you can work out what it’s about? See y’all soon and have a good week!]


4 thoughts on “Cold Keys

  1. So at first I thought, ‘ooh a piano’ because you say keys and sharp, and talk about silence. But I now realise that I am wrong because I did not see the suitcase picture, and I saw the comment above….. Plus the ‘trip’ line wouldn’t work with my failed theory. 😦

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    • I mean, I could’ve taken a keyboard on holiday (well actually, in a way I did – there’s another clue!) but it wasn’t a piano, no. Open to interpretation of course, so thanks for commenting Lotte!


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