Guns, Hoes, B!tches [100 words]

[Thanks to the brilliant Jane Basil’s recent lesson on writing silliness just because it’s still writing something. Here’s my own, just for you Jane!]

Yo bitches be yappin and trippin

Chasin me but all they seen is that green

Mean and lean they be after me

Ain’t the life I asked for me

Go back to your hoes and your big cribs

‘stead of chasin me like you after my ribs

Fight or flight, neither endin well

So I play cool, keep low

Never looking fly

Or I’ll be lookin to die

Deez bitches all up on me, and if they ain’t, the guns follow

Being hunted like their prey,

prayin God be looking out for me

Damn life hard when you’re a pheasant.

[P.S. yeah the photo’s not relevant but you didn’t know that when you clicked on it!]


6 thoughts on “Guns, Hoes, B!tches [100 words]

  1. Yo, bro, gotta get yo guns and march into anarchy – gonna form an aligarchy, waste da arch enemy.

    You have a talent for inspiring me. I have a close family member who raps and composes his own backing tracks. Maybe I’ll sit in on a few of his sessions before he dissappears to Uni. He does political stuff – no guns, hoes or bitches, but he’s got the rhythm. I could borrow some backing tracks.

    Visiting your site is like coming home.

    Liked by 1 person

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