Skylance’s Silence

Evening all! Been a while.. firstly, thank you to the people who have been visiting the site during this quiet spell, it’s so encouraging to come back and see those stats but apologies for the lack of content! Life got busy of late and while it hasn’t exactly settled down (I’m now working four days a week away from home) I’m hoping to have a bit more downtime due to being cut offย from all those other distractions like my social and sporting lives.

It means Skylance hasn’t been around a lot, pretty much all Jake at the moment, and he’s not as fun, honestly. The closest I’ve got to creative in the past month is coming up with a few lines of rap to fit using Three Doors Down’s Kryptonite as a hook – will maybe revisit that if I ever write more of it…

Anyway, you probably want some writing. This has just been a ramble, but I’ll post my third Poetic Experimentation piece straight after this. Good to be back!


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