[Part of a flash fic serial, one of two on this blog at the time of writing – you can find the rest here]

//mission update
//files downloaded from “Tom” (protection unit PU90-series model 147)

//extract activity log for Monday

/”scanned employee.anthony_swan
detained in safehouse.silo”/

//extract activity log for Wednesday

/”scanned employee.kerry_varney
detained in safehouse.silo”/


/”remaining targets are

//notes: List now 3 targets. 2 more detained this week, 5 in total. Likely resolution tomorrow. Will brief HQ on progress.

From: Base_4 ( [to be encrypted]
To: HQ ( [to be encrypted]
Subject: Racing Update from Paddock Four (private)


147 has run well. Slipped under the radar somewhat yesterday as usual! Five close finishes so far, three more races entered. One of them’s bound to be a winner! Should be good by Friday

We’ll catch up soon.


*This email and any attached files are confidential and copyright protected. If you are not the addressee, any dissemination of this communication is strictly prohibited. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, nothing stated in this communication shall be legally binding*


2 thoughts on “Colleague_2.4

  1. But what’s behind the goddam door in the safehouse? How did they get there? Laser eyes? And Anthony, if not blasted by cornea-lasers, how was he taken?

    Enough is enough – we need answers !

    However, great writing – really enjoying these flash series of yours!

    ps – great name mate. Nor surprise you boast such talent as you do !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patience please, Jake! Let me skirt around those issues a while longer while I work out their conclusions 😉 glad you’re enjoying it, and thanks – I totally agree: Skylance is a brilliant name 😀


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