Experiment Three: The Answers

Once again I come to the big reveal for the latest bout of poetic guesswork with little of surprise to reveal… Obscure though it seemed (kudos to Nurse Kelly, author of a wonderful and diverse blog, for some brave stabs at it!) the mystery fell away under the keen eye of Jane Basil, insightful as ever. Nevertheless, if you missed it:

This was the theme. Pretty much all of it. Lots of Freemasonry-y stuff going on. The square and compass is a Masonic symbol often accompanied by the letter G, hence the title. The fellow craftsmen, the lodge, the Arch (from the Holy Royal Arch degree) and convocations (meetings) are all mysterious, secretive Masonic lingo. The ‘plot’ was someone joining and working their way up a lodge,  attaining the rank of Master.

As for why I wrote this… Honestly, I was just reading up on Freemasonry on wikipedia and found it interesting, plus the volume of ‘codewords’ made me think I could make a nice obscure piece out of it! I tried to tread the line between emphasising words (like capitalising Craft) and using them with their normal meanings.

And that was that, really! One aside – I wrote this a little while ago and now have no idea what the line ‘I entered first, without worry, my fellow craftsmen spoke not the second time either’ means. It could be significant Masonic chat, it could be a total red herring. If anyone knows, do tell!

Thanks again for everyone’s input – ’til next time folks!


15 thoughts on “Experiment Three: The Answers

  1. You’re too clever for me, Jake! And I would have never gotten this – and it’s not because I have blonde hair, either! There’s actually a lot of mystery that surrounds the Free Masons. But I like their charity, The Shriner Children’s Hospital.

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  2. Yay! You did a good job with that one.
    Well, as long as you haven’t joined – I have a personal beef with the Freemasons. I don’t think their charitable works make up for the corruption. I shouldn’t have said that – I hope you’ll visit me in prison.
    I’m afraid I’m feeling pretty acerbic today. A lot’s been going on. Maybe tomorrow I’ll escape into humour.

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