Future Story

[Thanks to the effervescent Nurse Kelly for the suggestion of a genre I haven’t really tackled yet and so this is my attempt at science fiction! Admittedly, a more ‘dystopian culture study’ vibe than a space-age tech-filled journey, but still. Let me know what you think and I’m always open to suggestions so feel free to throw any ideas my way! It will likely lead to a thank you and a plug for your blog, so win-win really. Without further ado….]

Child parts, numbered, flashed by on the screen. The line of images stopped abruptly as Az@lea blinked. $alesperson looked towards Greek who sent Y. The part’s number slid into the table of selections, where already eyes, hair, nose & others waited. $alesperson phoned the next images to the screen. When they had chosen all the parts, Az@lea & Greek met Designer. They movied what all child parts would visualise together as their child. Couple refined child’s skin tone & confirmed before meeting Psychologist. Couple felt good as most couples went with default100 but Couple specified Rebellious4 and even lowered match certainty to 98% – #gamblers! Lastmost was Doctor who had taken the original samples to analyse and now took new samples. The samples would be sequenced & matched to the child genes specified so that child’s genetic data matched the profile.

Couple were so excited. Child would be the envy of all the homestreet. Rebellious4! What excitement.

They thanked and paid $alesperson on their way out. $alesperson was content with another strong piece of commission –  <100% certainty had past meant a lower price, but these days was so rare that it charged just as much & Couple had selected several pricier facial components. A good sale, but nothing out of the ordinary.

In a sealed backroom, Designer triple-checked the component list by hand. The computer was theoretically error-proof but Designer knew this was a serious development and mistakes would not be tolerated.

Certain: the list, unique, matched the Future Story they had been waiting for. With shaking hand Designer called HQ. He had just authorised creation of The Last Child.


9 thoughts on “Future Story

  1. Wow, Jake! Absolutely read like a study in a dystopian world. You combined such futuristic concepts in a rather banal transaction which made it even more eerie. Even your text choices in the names – like a future evolution of “hashtag speak” or something. I can’t figure out why it’s “the last child” though. Does the rebellious nature of the model have something to do with it? And the certainty chance the couple is taking? It’s fascinating how you came up with all of this – really. And those designer babies may be a closer reality than we think with things like 3D bio-printing these days! I actually wrote a piece on it a while back because that stuff intrigues me so much. Great work, Jake! And thanks for the shout-out!

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    • Thanks Kelly – what a great response to receive straight away! I did think the clinical, commercial nature gave an interesting inhuman angle to proceedings. As for the text, I didn’t want to veer too far towards Newspeak but definitely had a stab at some evolutions I thought might come about on the future. Your guesses around the last child are definitely valid – to be honest I haven’t totally ironed out the fine print yet but something about the situation – with any uncertainty in the ‘model child’ they were producing being unusual – made me feel this could be a watershed moment. I hadn’t considered 3D bio-printing – this was more down a DNA sequencing/cloning route – but that’s a very good point! Haven’t seen your piece on it but will be sure to check it out 🙂 thanks again for the suggestion!

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  2. Wow – this reminds me of ‘Black Mirror’ – remember I told you about that? 😛 You should definitely write more stuff like this! I thought the 98% part was interesting, as the baby still has an element of chance? Scary stuff – it gave me shivers up my spine!

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    • Thanks Lotte! Yeah I watched a Black Mirror episode recently after your recommendation so I wonder if that influenced the style of this piece.. I did enjoy it so I’ll definitely consider doing more 🙂 yeah exactly, wanted to emphasise that chance’s role in mankind had diminished – glad you picked up on that! I’d go harrowing over scary, but I just prefer that word 😛


  3. Brilliant! amazing. That’s all I can think of to say at the moment because I’m so tired that even your blog won’t keep me awake, and I’m falling asleep at the keybzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………….

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