Musings: Manyone and Things That Glint

Hi all! I don’t know that I’ve done a ‘random thoughts’ post before, so it feels odd to have this little rant unprotected by [brackets]…

Anyway, I just wanted to put down a few things that had been bouncing around my head and see if I found the process, or anyone found the results, interesting. Let me know your thoughts!

Manyone – a large number of anyones. Useful when ruling out an audience for a potentially sensitive piece of information – “I promise not to show this to manyone.” I love a good portmanteau (an affection I credit in part to the comedic genius of ‘Look Around You’ (if you don’t know it, watch it!)) and bolting an ‘m’ onto ‘anyone’ allowed me some potential leeway in sharing an adorable-but-embarrassing message from a friend with a select few people (friend, I shan’t be sharing it in so public a domain, don’t worry). It seems, to me, a useful word. Thoughts?

Glint. Defined as ‘a small flash of light, especially as reflected from a shiny surface’ (thanks Oxford Dictionaries) or the verb for giving out such flashes. I maintain, however, that despite a commonplace meaning, its usage is much narrower: eyes and blades.
I cannot think of a single time I’ve come across ‘glint’ when it’s not been eyes or blades doing the glinting! More specifically, eyes seem to glint only with menace or greed, and blades will do so solely in moonlight. This leads me to believe that thieves must be responsible for almost all instances of glinting, as they wait in dark alleys, knives drawn and intentions cruel…

I had planned to devote a post entirely to ‘glint’ and other such words whose usage seems confined to very specific situations, but having decided to write this piece, I quickly forgot, and am yet to remember, any of the other examples I had. Thus, glint will have to do for now – please let me know if you have any other words that fit the bill!


4 thoughts on “Musings: Manyone and Things That Glint

  1. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen (read about) a glinting gun before, though it still conforms to your point that its use is mainly deployed by menaces and murderous types.

    Lovely insight to your Tangled brain – I can’t think of [m]anyone who would disagree with your line of thought!

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    • Thanks Jake šŸ™‚ good to see you around here again! Perhaps you’re right, and the setting need just be sinister… strange how an impartial word has taken on such dangerous connotations! Glad you enjoyed the insight. If you’ll allow me my own on you, does your capitalisation of ‘Tangled’ reveal a phone or PC used to the spelling of a Disney animation of which you’re fond? šŸ˜›


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