A Call For Help

[Hi! I had a really good idea for a piece, about our bodies being an analogy for our bodies of work that we share on here. Then I wrote this. I don’t feel it does the idea justice, so can y’all help me edit it? Sharply constructive criticism desired… I don’t know if the tone is right or the order makes sense, and whether I’ve spent enough time on some of the imagery… but if we get anywhere then maybe there’s a decent post to come out of this yet!]

Not shame, because no one should feel ashamed of themselves, but apprehension.
The anticipation of judgement.
To expose one’s self entirely, to say,
“here, here is my body.”
People will look and judge, will dissect, trying to spot weaknesses and flaws they can lay bare for the world to see.
Every day we throw more of ourselves out into the world.
“Look at me,” we say
“Judge me.”
So friends and foes flock round, draw their knives and see how we’ve grown today.
Our bodies are always growing
with each picture, piece or post we add to them.

[Oh yeah, any ideas for the featured image when I republish this as well? I can’t use that nonsense I knocked up in Paint. Thanks in advance, everyone!]


3 thoughts on “A Call For Help

  1. Draw more from your heart. Feel it instead of thinking it. Imagine what your heart feels to be vulnerable, to lie on the altar your everything as if in sacrifice. Offering yourself to your readers, unable to control what they say, but what do you what do you want them to feel about themselves as they read it.
    Feel it? When you do, write it. You’ll find the words flow more easily, naturally and give the desired effect.

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    • Thanks so much Tiffany! I hadn’t even considered that aspect, which maybe proves your point! I’m definitely guilty of thinking up ideas and then how best to show them off, rather than really getting under the skin of how something feels. I will take all your advice on board for the eventual rewrite and hope for a more passionate piece to emerge.

      Thanks for stopping by, always nice to see a new follower around, especially a vocal one 🙂

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