connectivity kills

People these days send such nothing messages
constantly connected with nothing to say
I hold such disdain for the mundane:


and yet I clutch my phone, feel naked without its comforting weight
in my pocket or by my bed, so I can lie
rest it by my head
and keep updated with the minutiae
of all these friends, so close

yet we’ve barely spoke in person
and we meet again and barely do
because we know everything we’ve each been up to

each instagrammed meal and snapchatted evening
each whatsapp-planned social and facebooked event

’til eventually, and I know I’m right
can see it so clear
we will all sit together, in one room, unspeaking
but conversing through these cold digital media
our every thought

til they are all the same.


9 thoughts on “connectivity kills

    • Thank you! It gets to me occasionally that we’re so connected but can feel so isolated, but I meant this as a hopeful piece about maintaining or reestablishing that personal connection – whether it was interpreted that way is a different matter…

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      • I totally felt the reestablishment of personal connection! I think that social media is a great tool, but that’s just it — it’s a tool. When we try to replace IRL with tools, they’re like crutches — putting our lives on life support through artificial relationships. Relationships that never fully developed. Relationships that fizzled away. Relationships that are maintained by the *social network* connection.

        I’ve found in my own social media world, I go through cycles. I laugh at the memes, I click through the links, I enjoy the animal GIFs…then I realize what a colossal waste of my time — I’m on social media to catch up with real people I really know. I question my sanity of not unfollowing people. I’ll take a week and check out 10 *friends* profiles a day for the last month to see if they’ve actually written anything or posted news. I write real letters and mail them.

        Then I slowly acquiesce to the reality of life and the busy-ness business of it all and am laughing at the memes and animal videos again.


        I loved your piece — thank you for sharing!


        • Glad you felt it! You made so many great points in that reply. People seem to forget that merely observing and ‘liking’ isn’t a social connection. It is all too easy to get caught up in scrolling through article after post after story, without interacting with anyone! I would ditch facebook in a heartbeat if it didn’t mean becoming that one awkward friend who’s a pain to organise things with because they can’t be added to the virtual event…
          Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! Readers like you are why I share my work 🙂

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  1. Yes, it’s such a temptation – or becomes habitual – to keep up with what’s going on with friends and family via apps and sites, but… so frustrating at times; ultimately, I long for a voice, more of a connection. ‘Tis intriguing where you take this, into the room, and the sameness: Isolation, together. Or, together alone. Thank you for making me think, and for the company in my over-tech ‘anxiety’! ~ Peri

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    • Thanks for commenting! I’m glad this struck a chord with you, and that it was thought-provoking. The room seemed to me a natural conclusion: everyone sat in rows, communicating nothing constantly because they aren’t doing anything but communicating nothing… I realise that might not always be the conclusion people come to from the way of life we have now! ‘Together alone’ is such a good, nonsensical phrase for it. I have a similar one – ‘together apart’ – for when a friend and I watch the same show at the same time in different places, while pinging messages about it back and forth. We really enjoy it but there’s always that technology (and admittedly, distance, else we’d do it together) between us!

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