Burning Alexandria

I watched all night from the hilltop
as flames rose, roared, fell to embers
Saw the old men rush to the doors
gaze in aghast, helpless

nothing could be saved

I watched one man try
wrapping his robes tightly around him
striding bravely into the inferno
eyes filled with maniacal zeal
old fool
he never came out

The acrid smoke carried scraps
like fireflies
to rest far from their home, their hive
no longer now
burnt to the ground

I turned my eyes,
from the charred parchment that landed beside me,
the start of a letter in an unfamiliar tongue,
to the tinder and flint still gripped in my hand
as the flames glinted in my eyes
savouring knowledge only I possessed.

[Spot the post this is ‘twinned’ with. Yes, you are correct.]


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