My Traditional February 29th Post

For as long as this blog has existed, I have posted every February 29th. This is but the latest edition of a long-standing series of pieces you can’t find here. As is traditional for this occasion, here’s a stream of barely-related thoughts:

Did you know Monday is the joint-most popular day for February 29th, along with Wednesday? Yeah, I did too. And that three leap days in every 400 years that should happen don’t? You knew that too? And that dragonflies can’t walk??

It’s Darren Ambrose’s birthday! You know Darren, right? The former Charlton Athletic winger of course! Ok fine, but he was a boyhood idol of mine. I remember a silky cushioned volley he scored that I tried to emulate every time I met a cross for months. Never quite managed it like he did. Happy birthday, Darren.

I’m really looking forward to being proposed to in four years. I think women taking the initiative is always cool and, in these enlightened times, should no longer be one-offs for ‘odd’ days like today. Admittedly, for this to happen I would need to be ready to marry and in a committed relationship with ‘the one’ (and have to have realised their identity as such) in four years. Which likely means finding them soon. Hmm… 2024 maybe!

Leap seconds aren’t strictly related to leap years, though their purpose (to recalibrate ‘time’ because of human measures and astronomical ones that don’t quite align) is the same.

I saw ‘Deadpool’ in the cinema yesterday. A LOT MORE to come on this, but for now, it’s fantastic and you should go see it. If that doesn’t convince you, I’ll write 100 reasons why you should.

I hope y’all had, or are having, a wonderful Monday and a fantastic leap day. And I hope any guys out there, who wanted to be proposed to, were, indeed, proposed to. Lucky sods.

P.S. Did ya click on the link? Tee hee hee.


9 thoughts on “My Traditional February 29th Post

  1. I did – funny! Thanks for the fun read — and my brother is raving about Deadpool, my young men would love to see it {to which I say, not yet!}, and I didn’t realize that there was so much hub-bub about February 29, except that I saw a meme on FB that had a coupon for free Big Macs on February 30 🙂

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    • Glad you enjoyed it! How old are your young men? It’s definitely not a kids film, but the sex, violence and language are all beautifully done 😛 the proposal thing had slipped my mind until my housemate jokingly asked me yesterday morning! I’d expected more interest in the date than just a few news articles explaining it, but ah well – next time I’ll have my marriage news 😉


  2. Interesting choice of facts here! I may have heard about dragonflies not walking before, but I have been educated in leap year traditions. Is the tree frog symbolic? Should probably see Deadpool now, considering how much people are raving about it! 🙂

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    • Thank you very much 🙂 The dragonflies one is apparently more well known than I’d thought – my mind was blown when I discovered that last year! Glad to be of educational service on the others anyway. The tree frog was symbolic, as frogs are associated with leap years, because…
      *googles why…*


      No one seems to know.
      Readers? Help?


  3. Dammit! I’m 61 years old and I’ve never proposed to anyone. In four years time I’ll make up for that – I’ll present him with a black box containing a brass nose ring. It should be easy to find someone who will refuse me; I prefer living on my own.

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