Amazing Poetry

[My next post was meant to be a ‘Hi, I’m back from holiday, I wrote a ton of stuff, here it is’ sort of affair (with a terrible pun in the title, no less!) and, while that post is still heading your way sometime soon, I simply had to tell you about this first…]

So I follow (along with just five other people) a blog called Catch24, and they’ve posted two outstanding poems recently: ‘The Days of Youngness‘ and especially ‘Ruins of a heart once beating‘, by a guest writer referred to only as Haz. It’s harsh and raw and beautiful and easily some of the best poetry I’ve read in a while. I’m tempted to quote some of my favourite lines from it, but I wouldn’t want to spoil your own experience in any way. Go read them both. Do it now.

The blogger themsleves, like ‘Haz’, doesn’t give much away on their identity either, maintaining an air of mystery, and the emphasis is very much quality over quantity – they don’t post often but each one so far has been fascinating. I would strongly recommend, nay urge you to follow this blog – I’ve no doubt it’s going places.

P.S. Did anyone read the title and assume I was just bragging? Kinda looks that way!


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