I Moroccan a Ton of New Ideas [Interactive Post!]

[Excuse the pun. We made a lot on holiday. It was wonderful, thanks for asking! (I’ve actually been back nearly two weeks now, but busy busy!) So relaxing, bar the occasional panic that I wasn’t replying to messages on Upwork quickly enough when I was out in the mountains with no WiFi… The downtime was great though, and one coach journey proved insanely productive: I wrote a dozen pieces during a three hour trip through the Moroccan countryside. As such, a fair few of my posts for the next while will be those pieces, starting now with an interactive one…]

Fill in the blanks. Comment your suggestions below. I’ll post a summary of the best from my readers (I’ll be honest, I expect the volume of comments to be low enough to allow ‘the best’ to be all of the ones I receive, but you can prove me wrong through commenting tons and sharing with all your friends and generally promoting my blog if you really wanted to!) and various other contributors at a later date.

“When a mummy and a daddy
love each other very much
they take off all their ____
and lie down in the ____
and rub ____ over themselves
until they ___.”

You can go for the obvious answers if you want, but you’re creative types, so I’m sure you won’t!


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