40 Reasons to watch Deadpool (No Spoilers!)

Ok, so I originally promised 100 reasons, and I promised lots of pieces from Morocco to be the next things I posted. Only problem was that, high on life after watching this film, I became super productive and achieved lots of things that weren’t blogging, and while there undoubtedly are 100 reasons to watch Deadpool, I’ve forgotten a few in the intervening 3 weeks. Still, 40 reasons, which make this one of my longest ever posts! Oh, and as for why this isn’t something from Morocco, it’s because I can’t wait any longer to convince you to watch this. Just do it.

I kinda lied about the spoilers. There are 24 spoiler-free reasons, and then, because I just want to gush about specific things, 16 spoilerful reasons. So you can read the first half of this in safety*, I’ll give you ample warning. I’m assuming things like the cast and the fact that is has a soundtrack aren’t spoilers.  Without further ado…

Spoiler-Free Reasons

  1. The opening credits. Makes sense to start there.
  2. Ryan Reynolds.
  3. Morena Baccarin. I’ll admit to not knowing her but, I’m sure with Firefly, Stargate, Homeland and Gotham amongst her other projects, plenty of you will know how talented she is.
  4. The acting. The above two points were solely about how damn attractive they are, but they, and the rest of the cast, can really act.
  5. Going back to how attractive Morena and Ryan are, the fact they’re in a sex scene. Before I’m accused of anything for saying that, watch the damn film! It’s superbly done.
  6. Decapitation. This is one my housemate suggested, and she’s not a violent person, but there’s almost an artistic quality about the separation of heads from bodies in this film. Think Final Destination meets Kill Bill.
  7. The soundtrack. See Spoilerful Reason #12 for specifics, but this film has its montages set to some great tunes.
  8. The marketing. Despite not being part of the film itself, this is worthy of inclusion here (hence its lofty position in the list, rather than when we’re scraping the barrel at the end) as watching the film will make you appreciate just why that poster of Deadpool posing is so irreverent and relevant.
  9. The irreverence. Deadpool oozes it and shows it to everything from celebrity culture to other Marvel films to the genre, even the fact that it’s a film at all.
  10. A kickass old black lady. So much sass.
  11. Creative swearing. It’s virtually art.
  12. The moments of genuine humanity are remarkably well done for an action film, and provide a few touching seconds before the snap back to comedic reality.
  13. The very attractive villain. Dangerously attractive. More on him later, Spoilerful Reason #7
  14. Dark comedy. No topic’s off limits. Heart-wrenching tragedy? Gonna get mocked.
  15. Montages. From sex to sewing to slaying, the honoured tradition of time-lapse scenes is expertly executed.
  16. Making violence funny. Everyone loves a good knuckle with a chuckle. << I just made that phrase up. Get me.
  17. [Impromptu reason, this one] This film inspires you to write little rhymes about comedic violence, apparently. Such is its power!
  18. Dopinder, a loveable taxi driver, who brings a comic touch of normality to the situation, for a while.
  19. The explicit mentioning of the film’s name, and the moment when the name clicks into place. I always enjoy that.
  20. Little victories for the little guy. Dopinder features heavily.
  21. Unashamed bashing, and alternately following, of stereotypes across the genre and Hollywood as a whole.
  22. The back story of the film’s production. For those that don’t know, Ryan Reynolds got involved after the comic dissed him, and after a lengthy wait, a leaked test scene proved so popular with the fans that the film was given a paltry budget to play with.
  23. Clever fighting and efficient ammo use. No need to waste them. See Spoilerful Reasons #14 and 15.
  24. Ryan Reynolds.I don’t care that I’ve already said him.







Spoilerful Reasons

  1. A happy ending. Come on, who doesn’t love one!
  2. Breaking the fourth wall. A great trait to pull from the comics.
  3. Breaking the sixteenth wall??
  4. Ryan Reynolds commenting on Ryan Reynolds
  5. The hot alpha male getting to know the girl before they have ludicrously good sex. Always nice to take things slow for a bit. Admittedly not that long, but it is Ryan Reynolds after all.
  6. Ryan Reynolds. See Spoiler-Free Reason #24.
  7. Coming back to Ajax the hot villain, the scene with the sewing up of his katana wound and that bloodsoaked, tight wifebeater. I would penetrate him with my katana…
  8. In the general irreverent mood of the film, I will not retract or apologise for my previous statement.
  9. The holiday sex scenes, particularly Thanksgiving.
  10. Sequel potential (I hope you stayed for the bonus scene!)
  11. The bonus scene itself. Comedy gold.
  12. The specifics of the soundtrack (from Spoiler-Free Reason #7) being DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” when they roll in for the final battle.
  13. The bit where we get back to the opening sequence and actually see how it plays out
  14. The triple kill shot. So cool, so efficient.
  15. Ditching efficiency just to fire another couple of rounds into someone that annoyed you.
  16. Ryan Reynolds.


Seen it, loved it? Tell me about it!

*60%. Kudos if you thought that.


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