Phoenix Seasons

I burnt up once already but
I came back with brighter eyes
and stronger bones that jutted out
of me like swords.
I faced Death grinning and told
him no the fire in me would
not go

he wasn’t happy but he had no choice.
I am the light now
and I will burn for the
lifetimes not of men but of

Filled with so much life
the world must be less
for I am here
A beacon of fire

He is here my ice I did not know of Him and now He has come Fate has changed and worlds hang in the balance for I am great and strong but He is ice and hard and cold this was not the way but what will be will be for all eternity.
He is come to freeze me so that the world will seem warmer but really it is losing heat millennia will show my truth but now I am condemned a martyr with no pyre but frozen in ice.


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