The Cursed Mythos

[I know, I know, it’s July and I’m still posting angsty stuff from my holiday in March… but this one’s Cthulhu-themed, I couldn’t leave it out! There are only a few more to go anyway so I’ll just post them all this week. Anyway, sending y’all Lovecraftian love!]

Pounding on my prison door
Clawing at these filthy walls
Take my eyes but still you cannot see
Take my freedom but still you cannot be me

i am lethal i am dying but still time is against you
you can’t hold me for much longer i am gonna get you

The end of days
The nameless ageless one
Breaking out this feeble cage
You will see what I’ve become
The suffering you gave to me
will be repaid a thousand-fold
You made of me
Your enemy
The final terror to be told


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