Sands of Time

[Just a little piece I wrote after a lovely weekend back in the seaside county of Cornwall, where I grew up and love going back to. Shout out to Bex and Dan whose wedding was absolutely wonderful!]

Fragments of rock cling to me
like memories of childhood days
Rose-tinted and sweeter now
We never knew our luck

For all I’ve grown: pain & love
& tribulations – it’s effortless
to come back here, too familiar –
as if nothing changes in lazy days
under a benevolent sun –
and the years slide from my shoulders,
a kid again

I embrace this relapse from my half-adult life:
grown and flown the nest but still
clueless, pockmarked with fear &
uncertainty, wide eyes rolling
through grad jobs, leases &
pension policies; searching for my
place in this mature world
“what are your plans?”

shit, i don’t know. the only thing mature about me is my taste in cheddar.

[Let me know if the final line ruins or enhances it. The permanent version will be decided by public opinion so get voting!]


10 thoughts on “Sands of Time

  1. That’s a brilliant poem, but since you asked, I think the final line takes away from it. I like the idea, but the execution just didn’t quite fit.

    I vote for option three: include the “out-of-place-talking-to-the-audience-real-life-man” bit, but maybe do it differently? How about that for hollow, unhelpful praise?

    Really lovely piece though. Hope you enjoyed your trip home!

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