Test Piece

[For the purposes of seeing how WP tags and categories work. Will also be a good insight into who just randomly likes posts… PLEASE DON’T LIKE]

[[24-11-16 EDIT: I have decided that this is actually a piece of modern art and a statement on the paradox that exists in modern society, where we are constantly interacting with others – liking, commenting, poking, messaging – but so often this is done impersonally, without thought, behind a screen, and we so rarely really connect. //

// With this edit, this post is now totally ok to like. Shout out to Glitchy Zen (is it rude to name and shame like this? Have your say in the comments below!) who liked this post when it was just an empty shell with a note saying ‘please don’t like’… perhaps they were just ahead of the modern art trend.//]]


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