The Ruling Species

[I attended a lecture this week on Moral Theory which formed part of the Philosophy strand of the Politics, Philosophy and Economics course at Durham University (my old stomping ground) and while I understood less than half of what was said, the notes I did take seemed to make sense. Of course, like any writer worth his salt, I wrote a poem to accompany the notes, hence the margin-style formatting, as it was indeed scribbled in the margin. Apologies to any philosophers with whose ideas I have taken artistic liberty… Everyone else – enjoy!]

Is it realistic
to deny that
anything goes?
In a world
where constructs
of “goodness”
can be
by the
of our
ruling species,
when any
moral judgement
can be passed
or denied,
the only
traits consistent
are those so
inhuman that
they can
have no
but human


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