Experiment Four: Hey Lee

[Boy, has it been a while since I did one of these! If any of y’all even remember, Poetic Experimentation is where I write, obscurely, and you guess, astutely. Non-astute guesses also welcome. What am I writing about here, or more appropriately, what are the influences? I’ve clear ones in mind. By the way, by the way, guesses below – happy sleuthing!]


Whittled down by so long starving

Deprived of what it needs to live

My heart can’t take this for much longer

I know that something has to give.


Will endless grey days become my end

Has my alphabet run its course to zedd?

Am I nearing my body’s last breath

Sinking under, weighed with lead?


Or will sweet salvation come

Will yet an angel rescue me?

I see you smile (my heart beats faster)

And know my fate depends on thee:

Bring on disaster.


4 thoughts on “Experiment Four: Hey Lee

    • Strong deduction work, Martha! You’ve felled my cloak of obscurity…
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting – oh and for figuring it out!
      I’ll wait until the end (of the) game to reveal any more…


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