Dream Lessons: #10a-b [Dual Lesson!] – Dead Woman Walking

Lesson #10a

Zombies wearing makeup will paralyze three quarters of an elite 4 man SWAT team in fear… Thanks for the help guys.

Lesson #10a

Also worth mentioning that grenades which only detonate about a minute later aren’t all that useful. Even against relatively slow-shuffling undead.

Dream Lessons: #11 – Benny Hill(start)

Lesson #11

Fat policemen badly riding motorcycles is more amusing set to English music than South African.

[Sorry for the terrible title, I couldn’t resist. Happy Wednesday!]

Dream Lessons: #9 – All the gear…


If you talk yourself onto the (social, mixed sex, non competitive) football first team after watching your mate miss a hat-trick of chances, you have to be able to at least get into your kit without difficulty.

Dream Lessons: #7 – Fun in the Sun (OMG Snakes!)

Lesson #7

When playing frisbee on the beach, don’t ask non-frisbee players to throw the disc back to you – they will inevitably throw it over the fence and then when you go to get it, there will be snakes everywhere that you won’t have noticed until it’s too late. Sure, you can turn and run back to safety but hold on what’s that AAAH THERE’S ONE ROUND MY NECK! Obviously I handled the situation calmly by grabbing the snake by its head, screaming at some nearby girls, “please get it off me, please please please!”, and waking up in sheer TERROR.

[This piece will make a lot more sense if you know I play ultimate and that I have dreams about snakes when I’m nervous or stressed (work is very busy). Have a great day!]



Happy Birthday Blog! [I’m 2!!]

MniS 2 year
This is 5 days late because WordPress only told me today, but my blog is two years old!

Good times.

A lot can happen in a year…

The first steps into freelancing I mentioned taking in last year’s birthday post have become my full-time job! You can read about quitting my day job here. That was fun! And terrifying!

The flash fiction series whose glacial progress I mentioned last year have gone virtually nowhere! But honestly, I will do more soon –  a friend bugged me about it recently, so there’s more to come, promise.

‘The novel’, from which only a cryptic segment was ever posted here, is currently with the (other) judges of a wonderful literary competition called Ink & Insights. The judges (including me!) provide detailed feedback on the first 10,000 words of novels for budding authors. That’s a lot of words and you get a lot of feedback! Anyone with a novel sat stewing, throw it I&I’s way, it’s a great competition and entries are open now!

Other than that, I’ve just been working pretty much. I’m very lax about when I get up but that does mean I have cool dreams and I’ve started writing about them – check out the dream lessons tag for those.

Oh, and holidaying. I give myself a lot of holidays – Luxembourg, Sweden, Scotland, Italy… life is too short to work all the time, even when you love what you do!

And that’s that. Like last year, I was on holiday for the actual day but today I am working (next mini-holiday’s on Friday!) and I must get back to that. Much love, fair readers!

Dream Lessons: #6 – Link Legend

Lesson #6

There is definitely a market for an interactive, real-world game where you run around a building sequentially touching related things. I had a blast trying to find and touch the 3 objects related to the Declaration of Independence last night!

[The lesson is definitely not that I play too many mobile games and have incorporated these into my dreams.]