Dream Lessons: #7 – Fun in the Sun (OMG Snakes!)

Lesson #7

When playing frisbee on the beach, don’t ask non-frisbee players to throw the disc back to you – they will inevitably throw it over the fence and then when you go to get it, there will be snakes everywhere that you won’t have noticed until it’s too late. Sure, you can turn and run back to safety but hold on what’s that AAAH THERE’S ONE ROUND MY NECK! Obviously I handled the situation calmly by grabbing the snake by its head, screaming at some nearby girls, “please get it off me, please please please!”, and waking up in sheer TERROR.

[This piece will make a lot more sense if you know I play ultimate and that I have dreams about snakes when I’m nervous or stressed (work is very busy). Have a great day!]




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