Dream Lessons: #10a-b [Dual Lesson!] – Dead Woman Walking

Lesson #10a

Zombies wearing makeup will paralyze three quarters of an elite 4 man SWAT team in fear… Thanks for the help guys.

Lesson #10a

Also worth mentioning that grenades which only detonate about a minute later aren’t all that useful. Even against relatively slow-shuffling undead.


2 thoughts on “Dream Lessons: #10a-b [Dual Lesson!] – Dead Woman Walking

  1. You’d just have to get your timing down with those grenades.

    Zombies in makeup would definitely paralyze me with sheer terror. Because, is the makeup done well? If so, then, yikes! Those zombies have way too much muscle control for my liking. If not, then they’re still scary as heck because they’ve got enough brain power left to either a) want to look ‘good’ or b) try to disguise the fact they’re zombies.

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    • Good points! I hadn’t even considered that they’d applied it – I’d assumed it was early days in zombocalypse terms and they’d turned that day having applied it in the morning… if I’m wrong, that’s scary! Zombies disguising themselves would be terrifying (or hilarious).

      Thanks for reading!

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