Dream Lessons: #14a-c [Multiple Lessons!] – The Dabble Drabble

Lesson #14a

Taylor Swift would look great with black, white and blue hair.

Lesson #14b

Nurses have a lot of respect for beekeepers, specifically the lengths they go to to avoid allergic reactions.

Lesson #14c

Dates with your sister’s school friend you’ve known for years are mega awkward.


2 thoughts on “Dream Lessons: #14a-c [Multiple Lessons!] – The Dabble Drabble

  1. That sounds like a hella interesting dream. Though, I’m not sure how TS would look with black, white and blue hair. I suppose it would depend on where each color was, and what style it was. 😛

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    • I’ll do my best to describe – style was shoulder length, jagged fringe (a la Hayley Williams), and the roots were black, turning to white about halfway along with blue tips. Trust me, it worked, though the fact it’s Taylor Swift may have had something to do with that!

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