When I was nine, I wanted to be called Skylance.
Understandable really, as it is probably the coolest name in existence, and well suited to commanding dragons and fighting sorcerers. I did a lot of that when I was nine.

Why am I telling you all this?

Skylance represents the wild, imaginative, creative part of me – the kid inside who still occasionally imagines he’s fighting evil in his back garden (to be clear, I’m in my back garden, imagining , rather than imagining I’m in my back garden).

This is a place for everything that part of me needs to let out. When life gets too serious – words are an escape. When life’s good, they enshrine that feeling. Whatever the reason, the author is Skylance.

29 thoughts on “About

  1. Ah…Once upon a time, I went by the heroic name of Raindust. Sticks were my swords, trees were my towers, and the entire yard was a battleground of an epic magnitude. Demons needed defeated and damsels needed saved. It was a challenge I embarked upon daily.

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    • ‘Raindust’ is excellent! I imagine him as a more mercurial type, perhaps even an anti-hero, though he clearly got the job done with demons and damsels! Thanks for popping in 🙂

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  2. Hey Skylance! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your very kind comment. I put quite a bit of effort into ‘Four Poems’ and appreciate your feedback. I’m enjoying exploring your blog, you have a wise and witty style that I admire. Cheers, Daniel

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  3. For a while, I was referred to as Murphy (in relevance to Murphy’s Law). Its not as impressive as Skylance- which I must say has an awesome ring to it, but made others very aware that my clumsiness level could indeed affect their lives.

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    • Ha ha this made me chuckle! Murphy isn’t the most flattering nickname in this case – are you that clumsy?? – but for most of my life I’ve thought that any nickname will do, as I’ve not had (m)any that have stuck! I’m glad you like Skylance – it does have an awesome, ‘watch me vanquish evil’ ring to it 😀

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      • Extreme clumsiness is a true unfortunate trait of mine, but keeps life interesting non-the-less. I suppose it could be a super power if I could somehow maneuver it to fight crime – perhaps the crimes of Skylance! 😛

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        • Obviously he’s pretty noble, or would have you believe so, but Skylance fought plenty of enemies you’d be welcome to have a go at! Maybe you’d bump into things that would set off a chain reaction to catch the bad guys, like a giant game of mousetrap 🙂

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    • Thanks for such an emphatic response! It is an honour to meet a fellow name connoisseur. I’m glad Jake is approved of as well – I’m very happy with it, but it’s not quite up to dragon-slaying standards, you understand. Thanks for visiting 🙂


  4. We just had two employees leave for this very reason. All along the manager of these individuals told us that they were about to leave because of pay. However, when they left they stated that a pay increase is always nice (we bumped their pay nearly 8%), they simply didn’t feel that their jobs offered them any challenge.


    • Becky, so they wanted to do something more creative, or just seek a new challenge? Sorry to hear you’ve lost employees, but if they’re pursuing their dreams now, all I can say is good luck to them!


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