Dream Lessons: #18 – Harley Worth It

Lesson #18

When you’re mad at your friend for trying to drive your car to the house party because you’re taking too long at the petrol station, don’t let your subconscious autopilot direct you instead to your sister’s old school friend’s house.

[This dream was unusual in that it actually could happen. No zombies, flying, or beekeeping (I mean, I could do that but I don’t) – whereas I often drive to the wrong places when I’m not paying attention.]

Dream Lessons: #17 – Deep Cave City Limits

Lesson #17

When rescuing your mother from a flooded cave and then exploring it yourself (how else will you get that important microchip covered in DNA?), make sure you (or your sister, acting as a page) have a sword handy, because you just know that cave gonna be full of draugar (the plural of the Old Norse draugr, don’t ya know)!

Dream Lessons: #15 – Timmy’s Fallen Down The Well

Lesson #15

Intricate inter-mob revenge plots – involving your grandma, flooding their house, and then rescuing them with scuba gear – are unlikely to work as smoothly as planned.

[I hope I don’t have to clarify this, but to be perfectly clear, my grandma was a tool of revenge, not the target of it – I have weird dreams but there’s a line people! I even tried to subvert the plan because I felt bad.]

Dream Lessons: #16 – Mash-up (Horror Now) 

When you’re living through a recent fave music video (Seagulls) whose verses have been revised to incorporate a vengeful spirit (Kayako from The Grudge (this sequence from the sequel is a particular favourite of mine)), it’s pretty likely that you’re going to get freaked out. It was such a fun dream until I inadvertently reenacted this classic scene (content warning) and turned it into a nightmare, though in a novel twist she crawled up the stairs rather than down…

Never a dull moment in my head! 

[Edit: I’ve just published this on Thursday 27th April, but WordPress seems to think it was published four days ago, when I wrote the draft… very odd. Hence the incorrect numbering, it’s not me honest!] 

Dream Lessons: #13 – One Man Team

Lesson #13

If you’re playing ultimate single-handedly, even getting a big handblock isn’t enough – you need someone to pass to if you want to score!

[For the uninitiated among you, a handblock is when you block a pass by the other team with your hand as they throw it. Of course, as you score by catching the disc in the endzone, and you can’t throw to yourself, even this ‘big play’ from me wasn’t helpful.]

[Belated Happy Easter!]