Experiment Four: Hey Lee

[Boy, has it been a while since I did one of these! If any of y’all even remember, Poetic Experimentation is where I write, obscurely, and you guess, astutely. Non-astute guesses also welcome. What am I writing about here, or more appropriately, what are the influences? I’ve clear ones in mind. By the way, by the way, guesses below – happy sleuthing!]


Whittled down by so long starving

Deprived of what it needs to live

My heart can’t take this for much longer

I know that something has to give.


Will endless grey days become my end

Has my alphabet run its course to zedd?

Am I nearing my body’s last breath

Sinking under, weighed with lead?


Or will sweet salvation come

Will yet an angel rescue me?

I see you smile (my heart beats faster)

And know my fate depends on thee:

Bring on disaster.


The Ruling Species

[I attended a lecture this week on Moral Theory which formed part of the Philosophy strand of the Politics, Philosophy and Economics course at Durham University (my old stomping ground) and while I understood less than half of what was said, the notes I did take seemed to make sense. Of course, like any writer worth his salt, I wrote a poem to accompany the notes, hence the margin-style formatting, as it was indeed scribbled in the margin. Apologies to any philosophers with whose ideas I have taken artistic liberty… Everyone else – enjoy!]

Is it realistic
to deny that
anything goes?
In a world
where constructs
of “goodness”
can be
by the
of our
ruling species,
when any
moral judgement
can be passed
or denied,
the only
traits consistent
are those so
inhuman that
they can
have no
but human

A different light

[for Sammy]

this is not life
this is just existence, just about
hours, days blur by
blurred by grey
feelings, or
their absence
into which we’d leap?
no, step back from the void
and turn around

someone is calling your name
from a distant light
running, yelling,
don’t go
we love you.”

“why?” you ask,
not rhetorical
demanding an answer
they take your hand
and you see their heart and mind
and those of all your presence has touched

and all of it is love. and all of it is good
they see the same you, but in a different light
a golden one you don’t recognise
but through which you look…
how can one person feel this way about you,
let alone this army sent to save you,
drag you back from the brink?

“how?” you ask, dumbfounded.
and they take your hand again
and you see times you never knew counted
when a smile, or a word, or
just your presence
helped not one soul
but dozens
and brought warmth into the hearts

you have one last question.
“how did you know?” you ask, trembling
a third time they take your hand
and now place it over their heart,

“your absence,” they say,
“was keenly felt”

long silence

“What now?” you ask.

“Come back to all of us,” they say,
“and be our light and warmth again.”

You can do nothing but smile, wipe your tears, and agree.


through twisted tunnels, flooded


abandoned for good reason

there is no escape

these chains will be cast off

and the world will not come back from this one

stirrings grow

as earthquakes

change is coming

if the end can be called change

hear the incantation of the Esoteric Order

ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

unleash madness

Test Piece

[For the purposes of seeing how WP tags and categories work. Will also be a good insight into who just randomly likes posts… PLEASE DON’T LIKE]

[[24-11-16 EDIT: I have decided that this is actually a piece of modern art and a statement on the paradox that exists in modern society, where we are constantly interacting with others – liking, commenting, poking, messaging – but so often this is done impersonally, without thought, behind a screen, and we so rarely really connect. //

// With this edit, this post is now totally ok to like. Shout out to Glitchy Zen (is it rude to name and shame like this? Have your say in the comments below!) who liked this post when it was just an empty shell with a note saying ‘please don’t like’… perhaps they were just ahead of the modern art trend.//]]

United State of Mind [possible dystopian graffiti]

[Just a short piece, and an old, possibly unfinished one at that, but better to post something than nothing, right? I can imagine this scrawled on a wall in the 22nd century remains of the US…]

Why try, cry weary eyes

Only the lonely don’t seem phoney


People police popularity pride

No individuality in mob mentality.


Praise and Harmony

[Hi all! I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear I’ve managed to keep up my strenuous one-post-a-month policy with this piece – boy has it been tough! For real though, sorry I’ve been so quiet – work and holidays have consumed me in (almost) equal measure these past few months. Anyhow, here’s a piece that’s been sat gathering dust (haha, you’ll see why I laughed there) for a while now. It’s a soft one this. Enjoy!]


my heart was gathering dust

as others flashed by

they were

lightning to me

bright & exciting

& all too brief

how could I recognise the sun having seen only lightning?


each flash had, brief & blinding

imprinted itself on my mind’s eye

to colour my vision of all that followed

& dull my senses further from bright

hope and optimism


meeting you

was a slow sunrise to me

indistinguishable from a flash at first

you grew into my world

made it lighter

until you were all I could see

and would want to see

until hand in hand

we walk off into the sunset