Dream Lessons: #24 – The Coast is Clear


When you’re being stalked by blind aliens with incredible hearing (a la thriller A Quiet Place, which I’m looking forward to seeing soon), perhaps they just want to buy a coaster from you (the blue one with the bricks) instead of/as well as killing you.

[It was also fun when the aliens were, at various points in the dream, adorable puppies and my mate Callum.]


Trying out Vocal [Getting paid to write stuff!]


Heard of it? Vocal’s a publishing site that rewards its authors for how well their content performs. You can find it here: https://vocal.media/

Anyway, my housemate and I had a little short story competition this weekend based on a few prompts, and we decided the only fair way to judge art was, of course, to monetise it.

So I’ve signed up (he already had an account) and we’ve each stuck our stories on there.

You can check them out here:


The Brightest Star

And we’ll get stats on views! And very small amounts of cash!

What do you think of the pieces, the site, the idea? Let me know 🙂

Dream Lessons: #23 – Alacrity 

[Had to write this from a real life, rather than dream, point of view, so it would make sense.]


If your housemate’s (real life) alarm has pervaded your dream, the zombie you’ve just shot will try to help you locate the source of the beeping, but ultimately fail.

Dream Lessons: #22 – Fishing for Likes


There are ingenious ways to catch fish.

Like throwing a tennis ball into a net that then forces water out of an organ-like array of pipes, into other pipes which may or may not contain fish.

That can catch fish!

Not particularly efficiently, but it worked somehow – one girl caught three in one go!

Dream Lessons: #21 – (Par)take a chance

[Awful pun. Truly sorry. Shout out to my fave mobile game Microgolf Masters, which doubtless inspired this.]

Lesson #21

It’s always worth a free punt at a golf tournament in a shopping mall, on the off-chance you hit a stunning shot and make the quarter finals!

Dream Lessons: #20 – Back to the grind

[Yay, the dream lessons are back! More to learn, less sense to make!]

Lesson #20

If you turn up back at your old job after a year away to do one day a week while continuing to live the dream, chances are no one will know what to do with you, and apparently, your recently-graduated mate will now be the Ministry of Defence’s go-to programming expert when dumb work experience kids need coding help.