Dream Lessons: #16 – Mash-up (Horror Now) 

When you’re living through a recent fave music video (Seagulls) whose verses have been revised to incorporate a vengeful spirit (Kayako from The Grudge (this sequence from the sequel is a particular favourite of mine)), it’s pretty likely that you’re going to get freaked out. It was such a fun dream until I inadvertently reenacted this classic scene (content warning) and turned it into a nightmare, though in a novel twist she crawled up the stairs rather than down…

Never a dull moment in my head! 

[Edit: I’ve just published this on Thursday 27th April, but WordPress seems to think it was published four days ago, when I wrote the draft… very odd. Hence the incorrect numbering, it’s not me honest!] 


Dream Lessons: #12 [Guest Lesson!] – Gang Fight

Lesson #12

Just because you’ve known your mum your whole life, doesn’t mean you can trust her not to have hidden reserves of cutlery you don’t know about.

[This will become apparent as you strategise how to handle the chaotic violence in the streets.]