Happy Birthday Blog! [I’m 2!!]

MniS 2 year
This is 5 days late because WordPress only told me today, but my blog is two years old!

Good times.

A lot can happen in a year…

The first steps into freelancing I mentioned taking in last year’s birthday post have become my full-time job! You can read about quitting my day job here. That was fun! And terrifying!

The flash fiction series whose glacial progress I mentioned last year have gone virtually nowhere! But honestly, I will do more soon –  a friend bugged me about it recently, so there’s more to come, promise.

‘The novel’, from which only a cryptic segment was ever posted here, is currently with the (other) judges of a wonderful literary competition called Ink & Insights. The judges (including me!) provide detailed feedback on the first 10,000 words of novels for budding authors. That’s a lot of words and you get a lot of feedback! Anyone with a novel sat stewing, throw it I&I’s way, it’s a great competition and entries are open now!

Other than that, I’ve just been working pretty much. I’m very lax about when I get up but that does mean I have cool dreams and I’ve started writing about them – check out the dream lessons tag for those.

Oh, and holidaying. I give myself a lot of holidays – Luxembourg, Sweden, Scotland, Italy… life is too short to work all the time, even when you love what you do!

And that’s that. Like last year, I was on holiday for the actual day but today I am working (next mini-holiday’s on Friday!) and I must get back to that. Much love, fair readers!

Happy Birthday Chase

[I have a friend called Edd. During a discussion of what American names would suit us, we inadvertently became an unstoppable boyband duo known as Chase & Lance. It’s his birthday. Here is an early draft of one of our singles. Keep an eye on the charts.

Note: for a sense of how the hell this song actually goes, listen to the first two minutes of Slam by Pendulum. The below lyrics start at 0:22 on this version. (Please note: I don’t condone sniping in such attire)]


It’s Chase and Lance

We’re Chase and Lance singing…

our new song, the best yet.


New Chase and Lance

Drop a new beat that’s sick…

the ladies, they love us.


[static-y breakdown]


And tonight, across this small island, we’re gonna celebrate…celebrate…celebrate.


We are the bestest boyband on the planet

We sing great songs and the crowds go ballistic!



When we dance…

They all scream

Chase and Lance!


We are the best looking band in existence

We just make tune after hit after banger



Of the time…

We rock hard

Pose for photo

And we pout.






Happy Birthday to Blog!

We are one year old today! [Cue confetti]

Some reflections:

This blog started out (EXACTLY one year ago – I’ve matched the time and everything) as a place to let out Skylance – the ‘wild, imaginative creative part of me’ – and for the most part that’s just what it’s been. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to let out, but it turned out to be a lot of flash fiction and poetry (I would link to them but they have their own categories anyway) alongside little pieces of songs, ultimate, and the straight up, ripped-from-my-younger-self’s-head fantasy I had in mind when I first began. One-off pieces like that proved a lot easier to write than any part of something more substantial, hence the glacial progress of my two flash fiction series and the only-once-ventured tie-in to my in-progress novel (way too many hyphens there!).

A big shock for me was the reception given to some of my posts about real life. I didn’t think anyone would be interested to hear about my own trials and tribulations, though admittedly, when a lot of them were about Tinder, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Another thing that’s really struck me is the community here on WordPress. I’ve met (well, virtually met) a ton of great people with so much interesting stuff to say, and I’m genuinely touched when, after a long absence from posting, I rejoin the WordPress world and am welcomed back so warmly. I couldn’t possibly list all my brilliant friends here, but Jane Basil needs mentioning for almost always being my first like, comment and welcome whenever I’ve returned. Big and warm shout-outs as well to Nurse Kelly and Lotte Lubach who have been my other most prolific commenters and readers. To all the rest, I love you all as well! I really enjoy it when I get a chance to sit and scroll through all the blogs I follow on my Reader, including many of my talented friends.

And where am I going next? Hopefully continuing to build a readership here and share my work as widely as possible, alongside my recent steps into starting as a freelance writer. Exciting times indeed!

That’s all, really. I’m on the last day of my holiday at the moment, so I’m going to go enjoy My Name is Skylance’s first birthday – have a great day!

My Traditional February 29th Post

For as long as this blog has existed, I have posted every February 29th. This is but the latest edition of a long-standing series of pieces you can’t find here. As is traditional for this occasion, here’s a stream of barely-related thoughts:

Did you know Monday is the joint-most popular day for February 29th, along with Wednesday? Yeah, I did too. And that three leap days in every 400 years that should happen don’t? You knew that too? And that dragonflies can’t walk??

It’s Darren Ambrose’s birthday! You know Darren, right? The former Charlton Athletic winger of course! Ok fine, but he was a boyhood idol of mine. I remember a silky cushioned volley he scored that I tried to emulate every time I met a cross for months. Never quite managed it like he did. Happy birthday, Darren.

I’m really looking forward to being proposed to in four years. I think women taking the initiative is always cool and, in these enlightened times, should no longer be one-offs for ‘odd’ days like today. Admittedly, for this to happen I would need to be ready to marry and in a committed relationship with ‘the one’ (and have to have realised their identity as such) in four years. Which likely means finding them soon. Hmm… 2024 maybe!

Leap seconds aren’t strictly related to leap years, though their purpose (to recalibrate ‘time’ because of human measures and astronomical ones that don’t quite align) is the same.

I saw ‘Deadpool’ in the cinema yesterday. A LOT MORE to come on this, but for now, it’s fantastic and you should go see it. If that doesn’t convince you, I’ll write 100 reasons why you should.

I hope y’all had, or are having, a wonderful Monday and a fantastic leap day. And I hope any guys out there, who wanted to be proposed to, were, indeed, proposed to. Lucky sods.

P.S. Did ya click on the link? Tee hee hee.

Excerpt from Radek’s Diary

[I, like many aspiring authors on here, am working on my debut novel. I’ve decided to complete a few exercises exploring aspects of the story and the characters to see if they’ll be useful for me, as well as (hopefully) interesting standalone posts. This is from a character called Radek. Let me know what you think!]

My hands creak and shake as I unwrap the package. It arrived earlier today but I have waited until now to savour the moment. Master has been very kind to allow me my own small fund lately and this package is my first purchase. I peel open the seal and pull out the contents.

I am confused.

I hold a mass of soft glass bubbles and cannot quite see into the centre of them. A bubble pops under the pressure of my thumb – stuck out of joint again – as I turn the object over. Through the other side, I see a flash of colour that reminds me of the catalogue. Hidden inside the bubbles?

I study the bubbles further and find a gap in them that I quickly work open. Yes! I reach in and pull out the small box of candles. Again, there is a soft glass cover, but this time I find the paper backing comes away easily.

The colours are beautiful – the bright pinks, greens and blues are nothing like the tallow of the old sentinels that stand in the dusty candelabras. Apparently these don’t even go in candelabras, but are pressed into the top of a cake. Perhaps I shall request that Nazumi, the cook, makes me one.

I have not celebrated a birthday for over three hundred years, despite (in my opinion) technically having two: one for when I was born, and the second for when I was reanimated. I hold a bright green candle against my skin. My own shade is not nearly so vibrant.

Much has changed since the guests arrived. Master is much happier and, though he has always been good to me, he now gives me more freedom to explore what I can of the outside world, within the confines of the castle of course! Ordering these candles was quite an adventure. I look forward to lighting them later, and celebrating my birthday for the first time since I died.

Deus ex machina

“a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object…often implies a lack of creativity” (thanks Wikipedia)

I wouldn’t say as kids that we suffered from a lack of creativity, if anything, our imaginations had gotten the better of us here, as we’d killed off all three of our characters, without thinking where that left our game…

Happily, their younger siblings were conveniently present, but against a Geri Haliwell-inspired Shadow Master, there could be little hope. Enter Kyle!

I decided to write this today as it’s Kyle’s birthday – we’ve not spoken in a while but I’ll link him this article later as I’m not sure he even knows about this! Kyle was another good friend who may have joined us in this game on occasion before he moved to Illinois from our hometown in Massachusetts. By the time of these events, he’d definitely moved, but that didn’t stop his fantasy counterpart saving the day!

In a fashion reminiscent of (and likely copied from) the White Power Ranger, who returned super powerful and immune to evil influence (I will have the utmost respect for anyone who can correct me if I’m wrong here), Kyle intervened to single-handedly fight off and banish the Shadow Master, while clad, if memory serves, in all black armour (because white would’ve been too obvious). What a badass!

Certain death avoided, the younger siblings (I became ‘Timothy’, my sister possibly chose ‘Jamie-Lynn’, but we can’t for the life of us remember what new name Andrew picked… ) lived to fight another day, safe in the knowledge that on the rare occasions our own prowess failed us (and, as we’d soon scheduled, printed and laminated our own ‘magic university’ timetables, that was a rare thing indeed) our absent friend would return once more.

Kyle – happy birthday, and I hope you appreciate what a part you still played in our lives after you moved away!

[The above is 333 words, by complete chance, and the last one was 444 words. If anyone knows of any symbolism I’m inadvertently messing with here (I’m worried 666 will be soon) do let me know!]