Dream Lessons: #8 – Friends All Grown Up

[A quickie for you this time (you’ll see why that’s appropriate!)]


When you’re an adult, you can re-watch all the Friends episodes you loved as a child except this time around they’ll swear and have sex. Who knew this was adult life?

[Have a wonderful weekend]

Happy Birthday to Blog!

We are one year old today! [Cue confetti]

Some reflections:

This blog started out (EXACTLY one year ago – I’ve matched the time and everything) as a place to let out Skylance – the ‘wild, imaginative creative part of me’ – and for the most part that’s just what it’s been. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to let out, but it turned out to be a lot of flash fiction and poetry (I would link to them but they have their own categories anyway) alongside little pieces of songs, ultimate, and the straight up, ripped-from-my-younger-self’s-head fantasy I had in mind when I first began. One-off pieces like that proved a lot easier to write than any part of something more substantial, hence the glacial progress of my two flash fiction series and the only-once-ventured tie-in to my in-progress novel (way too many hyphens there!).

A big shock for me was the reception given to some of my posts about real life. I didn’t think anyone would be interested to hear about my own trials and tribulations, though admittedly, when a lot of them were about Tinder, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Another thing that’s really struck me is the community here on WordPress. I’ve met (well, virtually met) a ton of great people with so much interesting stuff to say, and I’m genuinely touched when, after a long absence from posting, I rejoin the WordPress world and am welcomed back so warmly. I couldn’t possibly list all my brilliant friends here, but Jane Basil needs mentioning for almost always being my first like, comment and welcome whenever I’ve returned. Big and warm shout-outs as well to Nurse Kelly and Lotte Lubach who have been my other most prolific commenters and readers. To all the rest, I love you all as well! I really enjoy it when I get a chance to sit and scroll through all the blogs I follow on my Reader, including many of my talented friends.

And where am I going next? Hopefully continuing to build a readership here and share my work as widely as possible, alongside my recent steps into starting as a freelance writer. Exciting times indeed!

That’s all, really. I’m on the last day of my holiday at the moment, so I’m going to go enjoy My Name is Skylance’s first birthday – have a great day!

Look Up/Look Down

And so it starts…
eyes down, hushed
mind games or blind luck?
can I still count on friends
or am I surrounded by enemies?

Look Up
safe – for now
the screams of those less fortunate
pierce my ears

Look Down
comrades fallen
fewer targets
nowhere to hide

Look Up
scrape by,
but soon
will come
the end

Look Down
sweat drips
bodies shuffle
where now can I turn?

Look Up
into their eyes:
instant, dramatic


[Well wasn’t that exciting! This gripping tale of survival and betrayal is actually just the game Look Up Look Down, which I know of from often playing it with opponents after matches at ultimate tournaments (we call these post-match games ‘calls’ and I’ve no idea why). It’s one of my faves. Hope you enjoyed this piece of silliness anyway.]

[To all my regular readers and friends on here, it’s good to be back! I seem to have managed a post most weekdays for the past fortnight or so, after a little quiet spell, and the reception back into the WP community has been as great as ever. Much love to all of you.]

The Ultimate Hangover

The feeling that back-to-normal life is falling over itself, flailing, failing to play catch-up.

It can only be Monday morning.

Aching limbs, tired eyes, a brain that buzzes with action, none of it relevant anymore…

Post tournament, of course. Who needs alcohol to feel like this?

Twitching index and middle fingers on my dominant hand and a half-curled fist on the other side.

There’s the giveaway that it’s ultimate as I ghost throwing actions. I’ve been working on my lefties, but only with the simpler backhand grip.

New friends to ‘add’, photos to look out for, far-away smiles with memories of victories or my jaw set, regretful, looking back on the nearly moments.

Plenty of friend requests to be sent as I’ve just finished my first Mixed (gender) season with a new club side and many highlights to look back on after winning six of our seven games over the weekend.

More than anything, the sense of digging deep, of working hard, of playing, fighting and cheering for each other and achieving something as a team is the one that stays with me…

And makes the Mondays that follow seem to lack that same spark. Still, I’ve been reminded why I love my favourite pastime, and that’s no bad thing.

[I’m sure you’re well aware that it’s not Monday morning as I publish this – my brain wasn’t functioning well enough to get this posted yesterday!]