Dream Lessons: #6 – Link Legend

Lesson #6

There is definitely a market for an interactive, real-world game where you run around a building sequentially touching related things. I had a blast trying to find and touch the 3 objects related to the Declaration of Independence last night!

[The lesson is definitely not that I play too many mobile games and have incorporated these into my dreams.]

The 17:38 Game!

Hi friends!

Just a quick check-in from me, to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, and anything else you’re celebrating! Here’s to a great 2017.

I have a little game to tell you about. You don’t have to play if you don’t want to, but if the idea tickles you like it does me, by all means play along, tell your friends and definitely let me know when it finally comes to fruition! Here’s the premise:

The rapper Fetty Wap is part of a ‘squad’ called Remy Boyz, named so after a Rémy Martin Cognac  – apparently the most expensive drink available in their hometown liquor store. These rappers and their drink, hey?

Anyway, this peculiar name means the ‘boyz’ have a fondness for the ol’ 1738, and as such often mention it at the beginning of their songs. The track ‘Trap Queen‘ is a good example: you’ll see the bottle and hear the ‘seventeen thirty-eight’ call out early on in the video.

Now, anyone familiar with Mr. Wap’s music (and he has had a few chart hits, so your average mainstream music listener might be expected to) will recognise this call. It also happens to be in the same style as a price tag – something costing £17.38 or $17.38 could have its cost articulated thus.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Of course, doing your weekly shop to total up to this might be a bit too far, but how about somewhere where you’ve more control of the exact amount… like a petrol pump?

It’s simple. Fill up your car to exactly 17:38. Go pay. See if the disenfranchised youth behind the counter sings your price at you. Repeat. My first attempt went disastrously: £17.39. I’ll check in again soon.



After such a battle 

Comes reconciliation 

It’s only right we soften

And get a little closer

The matchups likely different

The reasons could be many:

Humour, or attraction

Or random ‘just to trick them’

Lying, blind, defenceless

Expecting gentle actions

Then once the deed is done

Ponder – time to match them

Was there stubble, a caress?

How much of them in total?

The accused all stood in line

Hoping you don’t know

Guesses made and truth confirmed

The roles will then reverse

And after say we must play again soon,

my favourite call: Mystery Spoon


[More drama with no intro, it could of course only be another ultimate call! See the previous like-themed piece Look Up/Look Down for a more complete explanation. Basically, you each anonymously spoon a member of the opposite team and then they play detective. Fun if, like many frisbee players, you’re overly tactile, sexually repressed or just generally cuddly.]

Look Up/Look Down

And so it starts…
eyes down, hushed
mind games or blind luck?
can I still count on friends
or am I surrounded by enemies?

Look Up
safe – for now
the screams of those less fortunate
pierce my ears

Look Down
comrades fallen
fewer targets
nowhere to hide

Look Up
scrape by,
but soon
will come
the end

Look Down
sweat drips
bodies shuffle
where now can I turn?

Look Up
into their eyes:
instant, dramatic


[Well wasn’t that exciting! This gripping tale of survival and betrayal is actually just the game Look Up Look Down, which I know of from often playing it with opponents after matches at ultimate tournaments (we call these post-match games ‘calls’ and I’ve no idea why). It’s one of my faves. Hope you enjoyed this piece of silliness anyway.]

[To all my regular readers and friends on here, it’s good to be back! I seem to have managed a post most weekdays for the past fortnight or so, after a little quiet spell, and the reception back into the WP community has been as great as ever. Much love to all of you.]