Dream Lessons: #22 – Fishing for Likes


There are ingenious ways to catch fish.

Like throwing a tennis ball into a net that then forces water out of an organ-like array of pipes, into other pipes which may or may not contain fish.

That can catch fish!

Not particularly efficiently, but it worked somehow – one girl caught three in one go!


Dream Lessons: #17 – Deep Cave City Limits

Lesson #17

When rescuing your mother from a flooded cave and then exploring it yourself (how else will you get that important microchip covered in DNA?), make sure you (or your sister, acting as a page) have a sword handy, because you just know that cave gonna be full of draugar (the plural of the Old Norse draugr, don’t ya know)!

Dream Lessons: #2 – The Weight of Living

[Continuing the ‘learn from my dreams’ theme, now with added ‘give it whatever title pops into your head’!]

Lesson #2

When carrying people through the woods on a sofa, the appearance of two butterflies is not an acceptable excuse to drop the sofa and run away!

[Happy International Women’s Day!]