Modest Isn’t Hottest When You’re With Me

[Pretty sure this is overwhelmingly unfinished but I’m leaving it as it is—twas very much a “time and place” piece! Definitely imagined as a song in the style of the best angsty teen band out there…]

My fingers trace along your waist

Your sigh says as much as the look on your face

Innocent eyes – the real you

Or just a clever disguise only I see through?


Are playing up for me?

Sultry trying to impress me?

Is this you or what you think I want?

I fell before you felt the need for me to need you.

And I can tell you don’t know just what you’re getting into.

Test me til I snap and I won’t snap back.

Break me to your will and I can’t promise I won’t break you.


Cast your shadow cast your lot

In with me until we rot.

Show your soul I’ll give you mine

That side of you I can’t define


You’ll Regret This If You Remember Me

[10 points to Gryffindor if you can tell me what band I’m imitating here]

These tears froze from your cold shoulder
And we’re just getting by, just getting older
I’d give an arm to take you home
But I need my wrists for when I’m alone
And as the night and my thoughts grow darker, we just grow bolder

So I will stay with you like scars on skin
And let them all remind you of a time you let me in
You took my breath and you took my best
Lying through my teeth with your head on my chest
And thinking that for heaven we enjoyed a lot of sin

So life’s a joke – it’s on me
Show me parts of you that they can’t see
Life’s a joke and it gets me down
Drive me somewhere out of town
And we’ll curse at the sky
and we’ll feel so alive

Eating alone as the class files in
Knowing I won’t be your chain again
Sat at the back thinking how I messed up
And it’s Saturday night and I’m all out of luck

The phone lies in silence and I lie to myself
The phone lies in silence and we lie with words
News is you’re mine and haven’t you heard
These dreams keep me high and the lows keep me singing
It’s Saturday night and it’s my phone you’re ringing

Take me driving out of town
And we’ll curse at the sky
and we’ll feel so alive…



Post To Be

[Deadpool post coming soon (I’m excited to convince you to watch it!), but in the meantime, here’s a song…]

Some posts just flow from me
Others I gotta work so they grow from me
Work’s what I got to show for me
Work’s what I got to show for me

And haters got this role for me
Tryna say this job’s all over me
But there’s so much more to me
Writing’s how I settle the score for me

Cos that’s what I got to show for me
That’s what I got to show for me
Trust when I say there’s more to me
And everything’s good like it post to be

[For an idea of the rhythm, the rhyme scheme, inspiration for the title, explanation of the final line and some of the material, see Omarion, CBreezy and Jhené Aiko’s Post To Be. Great song, y’all.]

Albums or Collections of Songs?

I love music. Always got a song in my head, often pulled up for singing or humming out loud at work, during exams, when I’m meant to be listening to someone… Often I’m totally carefree about it.
Music also has a big effect on me – it can calm me down, get me into game mode for ultimateit even once convinced me to end a difficult relationship. It’s powerful, and as such often I’m very serious about it.

One such area I take very seriously is albums. I still buy physical CDs and I insist on listening to an album ‘properly’ the first time around: in one go, without distractions, from start to finish. I sincerely hope that you read these sentences in order (though if you don’t and get anything out of that, do tell me!), and for the posts of mine that build on previous ones, I hope you read them in order, as that’s how I intended them to be read when I wrote them. I believe the same to be true of albums.

There is logic, thought, emotion behind the order and the combination of those tracks. While picking only your favourites to listen to the second time around is fine, you should initially respect the artist’s intentions for the album, as a novel composed of ordered chapters, all of which contribute to the story. You wouldn’t leave out a chapter of a book if it didn’t interest you straight away, would you?

Saying all this, some CDs are just collections of hits thrown together. If it’s a bubblegum pop hit parade (and as an Aqua fan I use that description with reverence) the order might not be so important – these are perhaps less likely to have slow, building intro and outro tracks, inter-song skits or deep, recurring themes. But they still might!
Some albums definitely do, and [insert comparison number two] just as sports finals are elevated by their significance and the journeys of the competitors to make it there, so tracks of a true album are more than just individual songs. I’ve listed a few of my favourite musical journeys below – these are albums that, to me, demand to be listened to properly, so powerful are the tales they weave.

Nero – Welcome Reality: The first words are almost three minutes into the album. Way to build expectation, and the way the words (“December the first, 2808: Doomsday”) set the tone for what’s to come (futuristic, space-age dubstep with hints of mind control) is masterful.

Disturbed – Believe: The religious overtones that permeate through the whole album kick off with the first song and continue until the final few bars of the beautifully melancholic end track, ‘Darkness’. Saving this slow sleeper hit for the end leaves the listener drained after the incessant high energy of the rest of the journey.

Kings of Leon – Only By The Night: The energy of the songs is key – the desolate start with ‘Closer’ gives way to the rush of ‘Sex on Fire’ and ‘Use Somebody’, we’re drawn through the slower ‘Revelry’ and ‘I Want You’ by dogged drum beats into the hard hitting ‘Be Somebody’ before a 5 minute-plus cooldown as the wistful reflection of ‘Cold Desert’ closes things out.

That’s about all from me on the matter for now… Would love to hear your thoughts, whether you do things the same (and what albums you’d consider great examples) or completely the opposite to me!

[I’d like to dedicate this post to my friend Katie, who completely disagrees with me on this. But how boring would it be if we all felt the same?]