For Binks and Magic, who have great people around them.


It stings at first, like antiseptic clearing cuts
burns as scabs will, knitting us together
and aches the ache of muscles pulled apart
with perspiration to come back bigger, stronger
Our hearts must exercise as any other muscle.

Births are painful for a reason
Only from ashes do phoenix rise
Spring follows the bleakest season
and we know pain throughout our lives

The consolation’s simple: equilibrium
Happiness soon to return as you are due your turn
Tears: life grows where they fall in the desert of desolation
and their sparkle catches the eye of a new hope
one with the sense to see all you are worth

We learn to fly by falling
We laugh just as we cry
Rejection stings like healing
to tell us we’ll survive


Cold Keys

Lying still, listening forlornly
to distant echoes of footsteps and laughter
Darkness surrounds.
Once, so popular, now,
so alone
The change sudden, unexpected
Preceded by that too-long earthquake

Dusty keys waste away,
metaphorically, for wear is minimal
The mind stays sharp, but sad, unused
Not whirred into life for far too long

What made you leave?
This ‘trip’ you spoke of
brought fear, but then
I came with you
Joy, and now
Fear returns again
I lie alone, unused, in darkness
Listening forlornly to a life without me.

[Wrote this as I’m on holiday this week and won’t be posting much, hopefully with that knowledge you can work out what it’s about? See y’all soon and have a good week!]

The Final Moments of Lady Williams

Soft skin, delicately blushed with pink. She’d waited weeks for him to touch her, since the spark she’d felt from his hand at the store. Now here he was again, his eyes hungrily devouring every inch of her. She felt something move inside her as his fingers gripped her skin, his lips and teeth cool against her. He sunk his teeth deep into her flesh. She felt movement again, a writhing…
He spat out her flesh, disgusted at the creature now revealed in the gaping wound he’d left.
Cruel rejection as he tossed her carelessly into the food recycling bin.