Trying out Vocal [Getting paid to write stuff!]


Heard of it? Vocal’s a publishing site that rewards its authors for how well their content performs. You can find it here:

Anyway, my housemate and I had a little short story competition this weekend based on a few prompts, and we decided the only fair way to judge art was, of course, to monetise it.

So I’ve signed up (he already had an account) and we’ve each stuck our stories on there.

You can check them out here:


The Brightest Star

And we’ll get stats on views! And very small amounts of cash!

What do you think of the pieces, the site, the idea? Let me know 🙂

Skylance Freelance [working title]

I am unofficially a full-time writer. That is to say, I’m no longer a full-time engineer, or an engineer at all, in fact. Today was my last day in the office, which consisted of being wished the best of luck, supplying leaving baked goods and sending one final sarcastic email (“many of you have been a pleasure to work with”).

I’m not a full-time writer quite yet. I’m probably 50% occupied with regular work from repeat clients, and I’m hoping to secure some more one-off projects as and when. I’ll throw a bunch of applications out there and see who bites.

Freelancing’s dope. The long term plan is to be able to pull in my own, high-quality clients, but until then upwork has been a great place to find work. I’ve just passed the $1000 earnings mark, which has meant I’ve been highlighted as a ‘Top Rated’ freelancer, apparently bringing greater visibility and more offers.

More recent highlights:

Wrote a ton of poems about cats for $50. That was cool, because I did a lot of the writing while chilling on holiday in Morocco. Hardly counts as work. Few of them are online so far, sadly. The same client also asked me to write a round-up of the Sydney Build Expo, a big construction show, which was odd, but I did that too.

I’ve been writing a lot of website copy for various companies. It’s interesting, it’s lucrative, it’s not quite poetry but still.

Omg. You should already know I love ultimate. It stands to reason that writing about it would be my dream job. This. Not the best pay ever (I might angle for more as my posts are amongst the most popular on this fledgling site) but I’m writing about ultimate. Still can’t believe it.

HR articles, a crowdfunding campaign for an artist, copywriting style guides, brainstorming blog names with a fellow metalhead (look out for Megadepth becoming a big player in the metal music blogosphere soon), it’s all been going on…

I would genuinely encourage anyone who loves writing and is half-decent at it to give freelancing a go, you’d be surprised how possible a career is.

I hope.