Flash Fiction Series

I seem to have developed a taste…

for flesh.

Sorry, I mean for writing series of flash fiction stories!

Stories cut into bite-sized chunks have become regular occurrences on here and so this page will collate all the parts of each one (along with a description vague enough that I don’t consider it a spoiler!) to save y’all from having to click back through a hundred links to read the whole thing. Enjoy!

Wishes [ongoing]
‘Small man near rainbow grants hiker wish, happy ending?’

[Part One]   [Part Two]    [Part Three]   [Part Four]   [Part Five]   [Part Six] 

Colleague_2. [ongoing]
‘Co-worker is suspected cyborg, has suspicious glasses…’

[2.0]    [2.1]   [2.2]   [2.3]   [2.4]   [2.5] 

P.S. Does anyone else wish series had a different plural form? I know it’s a collective noun already but ending it with an s meant missing a trick on ‘one serie, two series’. I also wouldn’t be totally against ‘serieses’ or ‘seri’, just sayin’.

Share your thoughts!

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