For Victoria

The excitement of new, the remembrance of old

The subtle advance or like lightning so bold

It can strike anytime and can hit anyone

And when it begins it cannot be undone

Irreversible, undeniable

And no matter what you try it will

Surround you, astound you

Above all it will confound you

Under its spell even saints will lie

Kings abdicate, the heartless cry

It pounds like a drum, a beat through the chest

And once it starts up the drummer won’t rest

It will drive you to madness, a voice in your head

But god if it stopped you would rather be dead

The song without lyrics, carefree it will rise

Out of pages and hearts like new-born butterflies

On paper-thin wings they bring hope to us all

To wait for the day, when in love we will fall

Trying out Vocal [Getting paid to write stuff!]


Heard of it? Vocal’s a publishing site that rewards its authors for how well their content performs. You can find it here: https://vocal.media/

Anyway, my housemate and I had a little short story competition this weekend based on a few prompts, and we decided the only fair way to judge art was, of course, to monetise it.

So I’ve signed up (he already had an account) and we’ve each stuck our stories on there.

You can check them out here:


The Brightest Star

And we’ll get stats on views! And very small amounts of cash!

What do you think of the pieces, the site, the idea? Let me know 🙂

After the rain

The world around me feels decaying

stifled full of Life and green.

Leaves on stems on moss on grass:

A mass, a wait of years it seems.

The reign is over,

mist lighter than my shadow, shallow

when drops from tree tops are thicker, heavy with expectance.

I move as they fall, their energy is mine.

The Thunder left them quivering, He will be back in time.

‘til then I roll and duck, and die,

as in my imagination trees collapse and

roll themselves to paper and bound I draw my last: A scene

beyond idyllic, the canvas captured quick, a scene

with no-one in it, their lives would ruin it.

MNiS after the rain