Food and drink you need for a party

[The following list has been compiled from empirical evidence gathered by the author during recent study in the field of annual vivocelebratory hosting of young adults. The information given represents informed conjecture and has yet to be statistically proven.]

1. Spirits. Like way more than you think. Let people B their own B when it comes to beer and cider and wine, but make sure you have copious gin and jäger and vodka.

2. Chocolate cake. Healthy salads are great and all but Point 1 of this extensive and exhaustive list means people will develop strong feelings about chocolate cake over the course of the evening.


Dream Lessons: #4 – Hidden Depths

[Please do bear with, this was an odd one so extracting the lesson is a bit tricky…]

Lesson #4

Addressing the wolf-spirit of the giant shark Pokémon you’re pursuing (so it can defend your flooded yard), which has just crawled in through the cat-flap, is an acceptable reason to interrupt someone mid-conversation. Even if that person is a councillor/your counsellor.

Perhaps translates to ‘Don’t let manners get in the way of opportunities’…?

[I’m really not sure on this one. Interpretations appreciated!]