Once I heard Heaven. Not as peaceful as I expected, at first I struggled to hear any one voice.

They talked slowly, and each voice grew in volume before fading away, as if floating lazily past. Many sang in foreign tongues. One line I understood, sung by a woman, lasted five minutes.

“Oh to be where the grass is greener…”

The first word took up half that time, drawn out in wistfulness. There were no harps, but I heard a steel drum. People ask how I knew it was Heaven. I say I’d heard my father calling, they smile sadly.

[100 words]


Bottled Up [Drabble]

He walked to the window, pushed open a chink in the blinds.


He took a swig from the bottle. The cheap gin should’ve burned on the way down, but he barely felt it.

His nerves were shot, and he was just waiting for the rest of him to catch up.

They were coming.

He fingered the safety on the pistol strapped to his hip. He kept it on him at all times.

He walked to the window.



He paced across the room that was fast becoming a cell.

He walked to the window.

They were here.


[100 words]

Abandoned Shipping Vessel – Feb 2034

It took two weeks to make it back there, but it was worth it. We arrived under cover of darkness, eyes peeled for other signs of life. Scavengers had been but only cracked the most basic locks – several inner rooms remained intact. We set up the equipment quickly: well rehearsed.

Fifteen minutes and four rooms: two of tools, one tinned food, the last ‘valuables’ – no use in this new world. We took all we could carry and never returned. Hunters will soon watch a place like that. Society is beyond recognition, and all we can remember.

This is no life.

[100 words]

Guns, Hoes, B!tches [100 words]

[Thanks to the brilliant Jane Basil’s recent lesson on writing silliness just because it’s still writing something. Here’s my own, just for you Jane!]

Yo bitches be yappin and trippin

Chasin me but all they seen is that green

Mean and lean they be after me

Ain’t the life I asked for me

Go back to your hoes and your big cribs

‘stead of chasin me like you after my ribs

Fight or flight, neither endin well

So I play cool, keep low

Never looking fly

Or I’ll be lookin to die

Deez bitches all up on me, and if they ain’t, the guns follow

Being hunted like their prey,

prayin God be looking out for me

Damn life hard when you’re a pheasant.

[P.S. yeah the photo’s not relevant but you didn’t know that when you clicked on it!]

Within Safe Houses [100 Word Poem]

I hear you outside, raging again.
In here I’m safe and you don’t frighten me.
Beat against the windows and doors all you want.
Scream yourself hoarse and see if I care.
Your power excites me because it can’t reach me.
I cross to the window and see the trees bow.
open it
and stand back
eyes closed
so I can feel you
rush over me & brush against me
but you can’t hurt me.
We’ve conquered you, and within safe houses
we close the windows,
draw the blinds
and slip into bed,
paying no heed
to the storm outside.

[Spoilers!!] What Alex Did [!!srelioqS]

[I just wanted the title to be more symmetrical…]

[This answers the question posed at the end of a previous piece here]

[If you want to have a go at figuring it out, read that piece before continuing]

[Right you’ve had enough warning]

Reform. But where to start? The answer was obvious: within. Alex wasn’t perfect, like any, but resolved to emerge from this cathartic night as a butterfly from a chrysalis, changed beyond the former self.

Alex tore around the palace, gathering fine clothes, jewellery of gold and silver, exquisite artefacts collected by generations of kings before… a long tradition accumulating greed.

Went to the markets early to sell it all and spread the coins amongst the beggars in the street and the loyal servants in the palace.

Lived simply, ruled fairly, and became known as the great and generous Queen Alexandra.

I Have Written A 100 Word Story About A Paradox

[Neither the title nor this gratuitous note count towards the hundred words]

There is sickness in the kingdom; no longer are we a honourable race. The men have grown aggressive, stupid, greedy. The women are vain, lazy and weak. The solution? Remove the men, reform the women. Alex issues the following ultimatum:

“I will kill every man in this kingdom who does not commit suicide before dawn tomorrow – the choice is yours.”

Alex stays up all night, as blood runs through the streets. Reports from the female servants sent out suggest all the men are doing the honourable thing – a welcome change.

Dawn approaches. One choice remains unmade. What must Alex do?